Audi RS5… Everybody Gather Round

It’s finally Friday everyone!! And if you live in the Portland area you know that we aren’t actually seeing any of that beautiful sunshine yet – but we have big plans for when it does finally come around and those plans involve some sort of cabrio – preferably this Audi RS5 in cab. form. Nothing would make us happier at this moment than a spin in this bad little number on a very windy set of roads! So in typical Friday fashion we invite you to ditch the office slightly early and head to out start the weekend right! Gather around your favorite watering hole, or in this case, your favorite shiny Audi and reflect on a week well spent, but cheers a weekend better spent! Whatever you do, enjoy it! Have a great weekend.
Audi RS5

Audi Sport quattro, The Pack Leader
Audi Love + Sunshine