Audi RS6 Avant Ready for Anything!

Well we hope you all had a great weekend! We didn’t end up finding the snow or heading to the mountain but we did have our first quiet weekend in what seems like an eternity. Almost unbelievably it is Monday again and that means your Audi possibly looks like this, sitting back in it’s respective spot at the office or garage waiting for it’s next hurrah while you face the reality of getting back to the daily grind following the holidays. We feel for each and every one of you and the only thing that makes us make it through the week of mundane tasks, is knowing that our favorite day of the week is only four more days away. Yes, we live for the weekends; who doesn’t?! Enjoy your day and keep moving forward!
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Audi RS4 Avant in the Bends
Audi #WantAnR8 GT Roaming the Countryside