Audi Q5-S & Q5-RS… Could it be???

Well right now it is just a rumor, but a great rumor to be sure. The rumor is Audi is looking at launching an S-Line and RS version of it Q5 in 2011. Now at this stage it is too soon to tell if we will see this come to fruition or if it will be taken off the table just after our excitement at the prospect peaks, but either way, this is a good rumor! Here are a couple of shots of the ‘could-be’ vehicle. Very sporty! There isn’t too much in the way information at this point, just a few lines, but check it out.

Audi Q5 RS
L’Automobile reports that the Audi SQ5 is expected to come around 2011 sporting a supercharged V6 with compressor delivering 333 hp and 440 Nm of torque along with the Quattro system. The compact 4×4 promises a punchy performance. Not getting any significant upgrades, the Q5 will be distinguished by its revised fascias, a bright grille, S-line wheels and a four-tailpipe exhaust system.
Audi Q5 RS
Apart from this, RSQ5 that may follow any time soon , will be based on the Q5 Custom Concept revealed back in 2009 at the Worthersee Tour. As for its engine, the RSQ5 will be powered by a modified version of the supercharged 3.0-liter V6 with 408 hp (304 kW / 414 PS).
Any other details remain under cover as Audi has not announced any such plans officially until now. Stay tuned to hear more as other bits of information emerge.

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