Audi S4 + HRE Wheels

Happy Friday Everyone!! We’ve had some small victories this week and really have to comment on the power of good people and social media. It really is an amazing time in history to be a part of when we can connect with so many and start something rolling almost as soon as we concoct and idea in our heads. We will be heading into our weekend with a solid sense of accomplishment for the week. As for the Audi side of the day – we thought we’d share this person’s sense of accomplishment with you all as well – love it or leave it?! We certainly have a soft spot for the Audi S4, but we will let you guys duke it out over these unique HRE wheels. Thoughts? Have a great weekend!!
Audi S4 HRE/></a><br />
<a href=Click here for a larger version.

Audi RS4… Low!
Audi A7 Lowering what it is