Audi: Sharp As Ever, Yet Transparent

Contempo Media is being totally transparent about an Audi ad in the April issue of its Sharp magazine, out today.

At first glance the cover of the issue seems normal with teaser copy and a large picture of actor Pierce Brosnan in front of a white background. However the reader can quickly pull back the copy and image on the transparent plastic cover to reveal the Audi S5 Cabriolet in front of the same white background with the single line of copy “15 seconds to reveal the sky”–a reference to the fast-retracting convertible top of the Audi S5 Cabriolet.
Audi Ad In Sharp Magazine
A double page spread follows on the inside cover counting down other unique features of the car, concluding with “0 things like it.”

The issue was distributed with today’s edition of the Globe and Mail in Toronto, and going across the country later this week. Additional copies will be distributed at Toronto Fashion Week and at after-parties sponsored by Sharp and Contempo.

Michael La Fave, Contempo Media’s vice-president responsible for content creation, said the idea for the cover came out of conversations with Sunith Lobo, vice-president, group account director at Audi media agency Mediacom. “Sunith told us they were looking for a high-impact [execution],” said La Fave. “We kicked a few ideas around… and the conversation led to transparency,” he said.

“They just felt it would be something new.”
Audi Ad In Sharp Magazine
“We’ve relied on Sharp for complex creative executions in the past so we knew they would come up with something new, captivating as well as on-brand for Audi,” said Lobo, in a release.

“Although this exciting all-new media execution brings our progressive brand positioning to life, it was equally important that the execution not compromise the integrity of Sharp’s cover,” added Karsten Ruwoldt, director of marketing and product strategy for Audi Canada, in the release.

“Sharp’s audience is extremely well educated and media savvy, and therefore demands the highest standards from the publication. I’m happy to say we accomplished exactly what we set out to do–a high-impact advertising execution that integrates seamlessly with the magazine. ”

Source: Marketing Magazine

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