Audi + Snow!!! “Drifting is Fun”

A snow day is a rare occurrence for us here on the West Coast but last night, and for a couple of days in higher elevations, we have been having just that! We couldn’t be happier about the snowfall and had the opportunity to run around in an eerily empty downtown Portland last making the first tracks in this unfamiliar yet chilly white stuff! We can’t help but think about Audi (not surprising!) when faced this blast of winter – it is so rare the cities in these areas pretty much shut everything down and those who can venture out – should do so in their quattro Audi’s! We can only hope you have as much fun as this guy!! Sadly, pretty much everything that was white has turned to slush in our neck of the woods, but we can’t say we haven’t thought about heading up hill to look for some more! We hope you all having a great few days of snow!!
Audi Snow Blower

iJustine + Audi
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