Audi Social Media has real “Klout!”

Doug Clark, General Manager, Social Media & Customer Engagement, Audi of America whom is currently using the Klout application said: “We identified Klout as a skilled partner to help us recognize and identify our Facebook fans with followings and influence, We currently have over 3,500,000 fans on Facebook and we see this as a great tool to help manage and work more directly with our fan base.”

“Today, we’re proud to announce that we’re partnering with Involver to allow brands to provide customized experiences to their Facebook fans based on Klout Scores. Besides the number of fans, brands know surprisingly little about who those people are, their potential reach, and have little ability to message them individually. Now, with this partnership, brands can choose to give different offers, promotions, or messaging to fans based on their Klout. We’re excited to have Audi on board as our first partner on their Audi USA fan page.” said Klout – For of this article take the jump and Read On!
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