Audi Social Media Mind Melt

For anyone who has ever doubted that Social Media was going to stick around – next week’s ‘Social Summit’ is sure to convince otherwise. It’s safe to say that Social is here to stay and if you want anything to do with it, you had better pay attention! Audi has always been at the forefront of most all of it’s endeavors – I would venture to say that the company likely wouldn’t bother unless they had a solid notion that it would bring success – and the same has held true for its stance on Social impact in the marketplace. Hence, Audi will be part of the sponsorship group at the upcoming Gravity Summit, Social Media Marketing for Business Conference next week and will be joining other very well established companies in the ongoing campaign to learn and adapt to the ever changing face of everything that is Social Media.

I am very excited Audi will be taking part in this. It really is validation for the work I do on a daily basis and proof that even in an industry so reluctant to change, this company isn’t afraid to go after what it wants. Social presence is not just the way of the future, it is the way of right now – and if you aren’t already on board, it may very well be impossible to catch up.
Check out this link for more information on the conference and a list of companies attending, as well as the Gravity Summit website for additional details.
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