Audi SociaLOL Media!

Check out this video from Audi on their take on how Social Media is leading the way towards the future. Not long ago Audi made headlines for their poll-taking via Facebook to determine whether or not they would bring the Audi TT RS to the USA – true to their word Audi maintained they would in fact bring the model to the US had they received enough support to warrant it – sure enough, they did, and the TT RS is now headed to the US. It is this type of use of social media that is making companies stronger than they have ever been and this is largely to do with the fact that consumers are more involved than they have ever been. We would love to see this type of out-reach continue with Audi as well as within the automotive industry.

Social media is really all about solidifying relationships on a level that everyone can take part in – no longer telling consumers what they want, but listening to them and getting their input to determine what they actually want. As written on the Audi USA Youtube page “Douglas Clark, General Manager, Customer Strategy & Engagement, discusses from the Chicago Auto Show the importance of Social Media, and how Audi is using Social Media to be more interactive with their consumers.” . Keep up the good work Douglas Clark and Audi USA, and keep on being Social!
Audi SociaLOL

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