Audi Sport Gets Social!

The Audi Sport Facebook Page has become very popular with over 21,000 likes in less then a week of starting the page. It is safe to say that the demand for social interaction from the automotive industry is in high demand. Now with Audi Sport on Facebook and Twitter we will be able to keep up with them on an almost instantaneous basis.

Inside Line says “Audi Sport arrived late in the race compared to such competitors as Team Chevy, Ford Racing and Mazdaspeed Motorsport, all of which have created popular Facebook pages during or prior to early 2010 and have thousands of followers on Twitter. Audi Sport has lost what could have been a year’s worth of racing enthusiast buzz. In comparison, Ford Racing has 19,114 Twitter followers, while Team Chevy has 200,963 Facebook fans.” This may be true, still we would much rather support the Audi Sport page with 20,000 followers then follow Team Chevy with over 201,000 fans, but maybe that’s just us!
Audi Sport Facebook

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