Audi – The Future Of Fuels

We know Audi developed Turbo Charged Direct Injection (TFSI) and that they advanced the market with diesel technology and we now have confirmation that we will be doing a Hybrid Q5 in 2010; but why, knowing Audi has never supported the idea of Hybrids? – The official statement comes from Wolfgang Hatz, who is the head of powertrain development for the entire Volkswagen Group. “We have to do hybrids in order to show people that we are able to do them.” Followed by, “the greatest future potential still lies in the diesel engine.”

I wanted to share “The Future Of Fuels” video because I am a true believer in efficency and believe Audi leads the way in this field… I will continue to showcase exciting content in order to be your top source for Portland Audi.

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