Audi Thermo Cup Holder

I am not someone who eats or drinks in my car, however on those occasions that I do, I want my beverage to taste good. Whether a cold bottle of water or hot coffee while driving I want the temperature to be right for what I am drinking. Audi has introduced in the Q5, Thermo Cup Holder and not only was it a good idea but it works great. Picture Description It takes about one minute for the hot element to get hot and the cooler is pretty much instantaneous so you really don’t have to wait for the action. The silver cup holder is the hot side and is activated when the on/off switch is red. Picture DescriptionThe silver cup holder is also the cooler and it is indicated on when the switch is illuminated blue.
Picture Description You never have to worry about putting the hot in the cold or the cold in the hot because the cup holder cannot be simultaneously activated, so as long as the switch is blue its cold and if it is red it is hot.
Picture Description
Audi has never been known for its ingenuity in regards to cup holders (excluding the Q7) in their vehicles, mostly because you should be driving not dining when you drive, but this sure is a nice feature.

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