Audi TT RS Exclusive… All Rights Reserved

We are back from SEMA today and have barely had a chance to digest all that we have seen. To say that it is a large event would be an understatement in a big way. For anyone who has had a chance to go, you know what we are talking about! Something that we have taken back with us though, is a reminder that no matter what, people love their cars. Clearly, we know that, but the amount of dedication it takes to maintain these vehicles to these standards is incredible. We were impressed. And speaking of impressed, check out John Wiegert’s Exclusive Aviator Gray TT RS. This Audi is bad ass. We are pretty certain you will all agree. Have a great day everyone – the weekend is upon us! A special Thanks again to Dean Futrell of Futrell Autowerks for having us on such a cool trip and to Audi Wilsonville for ensuring we didn’t have to sleep actually on the strip! We appreciate it.
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