Audi TT RS ‘plus’ – Want What You can’t Have!

Since we are a society driven by always wanting more, and Audi is very intuitive when it comes to the consumer base of the buying segment of the world, it is introducing a TT RS ‘plus.’ Now don’t get too excited if you live in the US, because as with most things extra special in the car world, this slightly hyped up little beast will only be available to our friends in Europe, sadly. The TT RS ‘plus’ will only be slightly different than its TT RS sister, weighing roughly 100 lbs less, but has the option of a seven speed dual clutch s-tronic gear box, as well as a hard or convertible option. There is no disputing this is one sexy car – just try not to hold too much a grudge we won’t be getting the ‘plus’ version, it isn’t all that different; but we understand it is only human nature to want what you can’t have! For more information, click, and as always, if you have an opportunity to visit Europe, or better yet, you live there – send us some photos!!!
Audi TT RS Plus USA

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