Audi Updates Its Logo! – Happy 100th Birthday Audi

The original Auto Union was established in 1932 and the four interlocking rings have represented the Audi Brand ever since. In 1965, four years before Audi was introduced to the United States, the brand was revamped. 2009 is the celebration of the 100th year of Audi and again we see the logo evolve with a more modern, contemporary design. The sans-serif font is a much cleaner font, and the Brand name “Audi” has been shrunk and is now set to the bottom left of this ageless four ring emblem. As far as the emblem is concerned, it has not been reborn, just polished with a more authentic look to represent that of the chrome emblem that distinguishes our Audi Product. As this logo appears everywhere our brand does expect to see the new design and stunning look on everything that is Audi.
Portland Audi

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