Audi vs: BMW // Audi Makes the Worlds Best Drivetrain

It is that time of year again as the tempatures start to drop and the snow starts to fall the Audi playground gets a little more exciting. The Audi quattro system works as an advantage to the driver in every weather condition, but most noticeably in wet and snowy conditions. If you take a look at this picture that was posted on Twitter it is apparent which vehicle has the superior drive-train, especially in slippery condition. Quattro all-wheel drive was pioneered by Audi for race applications and works magic with less then optimal driving conditions, imagine how well it works on dry pavement. I will leave you with a quote from Fourtitude “First nice big snow dump today. I have never faced snow with my new Audi before this morning, nor quattro for that matter. 30cm dump of snow expected today, 10 on the ground thus far, blowing conditions, white out, people in the ditch… I’m cruising along in my Quattro equipped A4 with no care in the world!”. Another satisfied quattro owner!
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