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With the right winter tires, your Audi can take you over ice and snow, through the harshest winter driving conditions* to your dream destinations. But all-season tires are not optimized for traction in temperatures below 45┬░ F, making winter tires particularly important in true winter climates. But how do you know which winter tires are correct for your Audi? Ask Sunset Porsche Audi , your Authorized Audi Dealer.
Audi Snow Tire Package
Adding a set of winter tires can help the performance of your anti-lock brake and traction control systems on ice, snow and slush. Plus, winter tires help quattro® all-wheel drive and FrontTrak® front-wheel drive deliver new levels of control in cold temperatures, which can diminish the traction of ultra-high-performance and all-season tires.
Audi In Snow
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Source: Audi

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