Audi’s Drivers Pledge – I Opt Out

Audi just announced the “Drivers Pledge” initiative to help make the road a safer place and although I admire the direction, sadly I won’t be participating. Scott Keogh , chief marketing officer of Audi of America said “Drivers daily face an unintelligent road. Frustrations, distractions and deterrents bombard drivers as they go from place to place. Audi recognizes these conditions and is on a mission to find solutions that not only assist our drivers, but also help improve daily driving conditions across the nation. Now, starting today, Audi challenges drivers to join the movement and take the “ Drivers Pledge ” for a more intelligent road.”
Audi Drivers Pledge
I love Scott for everything he does for Audi but what I love more is the freedom of driving on my own terms – fast of course, passing the Prius in the left lane and speeding up at yellow lights if I feel like it. The Police always tell me “Driving is a privilege, not a right” and until they take that privilege away from me (again) I will drive how I want to – I pledge to enjoy my drive every day.
Drivers Pledge

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