Awesome Audi S4 Experience – by Mike Juergens

A good friend of mine, though we have never met Mike Juergens recently had an awesome experience with Audi . Now Mike and I talk pretty frequently and he said “Audi went above and beyond I just want that to be recognized” So that is why I am publishing this. I admire Mike for taking the time to write this as well I want those who create these amazing experiences be acknowledged. Thank you again mike and thank you to everyone at Audi who goes above and beyond.

“My love affair with Audi started a long time ago. An old neighbor use to drive his Sport Quattro everyday past my house. I grew up in a rural area at the time wasn’t densely populated. Part of the road was even unpaved and he use to have a blast ripping through the unpaved section of the road as fast as he could. I still remember the sound of the car as it passed by. I knew someday I wanted to own a machine like that. Fast forward 2008 and the year I was about to graduate college. I had been working full time 3 years at that point. I was making good money and decided it was finally time to visit the Audi dealer. I had been driving my 1.8T for four years at the point. The first thing I saw was a brand new Red B7 S4. The customer was just picking it up for the first time. I knew since I first heard an S4 start up and that exhaust note I knew I had to have one. At that point I was just getting my financially independent self settled. I had to pass on the S4 and pick up an 2008 A4 2.0T. I knew someday I would be able to find a job that would allow me to afford the monthly payments.
Great Audi Experience
Also, around that time rumors of a newly designed engine, Quattro, system and transmission started to spread across the Audi forms and web. I knew that’s what I wanted. I had found that job two years later and just in time for my lease to expire. I strolled into the Audi dealer in February and I knew exactly what I wanted. I had been emailing back and forth with the specialist for a few days talking options and pricing. We finally had it all nailed down within 5 days and the order was placed for a 2010 Audi S4 S-Tronic Premium Plus w/Silver Alcantara Seats, Navigation, Bang & Olufsen Sound, Sport Differential and Carbon Inlays. The waiting started. I received the news in March that friends and Americans all around me had been receiving. My current position was being eliminated to save the company money. My world just collapsed. Luckily my boss was incredible and let me stay on until I could find a job. I found one within two weeks and it sealed the deal. The S4 would be mine when it was finally delivered. Two days before I was supposed to pickup the S4 that A4 was keyed along with several other cars parked around mine. I was devastated but my incredible dealer came up with a solution that let me take the S4 and they would take car of the A4. This is where Audi customer service really started to stand out for me and I knew I would be a customer for life.
Great Audi Experience
It’s been seven months and about 5,500 miles since I took delivery of the S4. There is so much about the car to love. The acceleration, traction, and braking ability of the car are incredible. The exhaust note under hard acceleration is amazing, especially with the S-Tronic, with a little extra burble with each up-shift. The sport suspension keeps the car well planted and very smooth. It can be a bit harsh driving on these awful Boston streets. But who needs coffee? The S4 is the perfect wake up during my morning drive. Two weeks ago I was stopped at a red light. It was lightly raining and the roads where a bit slick. The average driver and car would be able to handle it without a problem. Unfortunately for me the driver that was moving up behind me was talking on his cellphone. I didn’t know at the time but the tires on his car where almost bald. I looked up in my mirror and saw him approaching and figured it would be a typical thing. I put my eyes back on the set of lights and waited to be on my way. Suddenly I feel jolt and hear screeching tires. He had just hit the back of my car. It took me a second to realize what had just happened. I pull off to the side of the road and he follows me. His car had dove under mine as he had tries to stop and the exhaust took the impact with a few scratches on the bumper.
Great Audi Experience
I drop the car off November 3 at the auto body shop expecting to be back in a few days to pick up the car. I take my insurance provided rental and head home. They call me the next day to say Audi doesn’t have any of the parts in stock and it will be about a week to have them shipped from Europe. They called me back on the eighth to say that the exhaust would be another week from the tenth. They said Audi has been using up the parts on the production cars and there was no extra stock. Like any web2.0 intwined person I update my twitter about the delay. Audi messaged me back within minutes and was ready to help. With their help the parts where at the auto body shop this morning. We are just waiting on a few more brackets but the car will be ready by Friday. The Audi customer relations agent went above and beyond for me and I couldn’t be happier. They reminded me that their help is always a phone call away. This was the second agent that I’ve deal with and it’s always been a pleasure. If there is something that you feel is not right about your car speak to them and they can always figure out a way to help you.”
Great Audi Experience

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