Blue By You // Bagged Matte Blue Audi S5

Well it’s Monday again and for most of you it’s the start of another work week so we thought we’d help to clear away some of the Monday blues with some shots of this beautiful blue specimen of an Audi. Love it or hate it?? We think it is awesome and would love nothing more than to have this sitting outside our office door waiting for us when the day done! (Except for maybe in R8 form…) Not only is it dropped and bagged – but it is Matte blue and by now most everyone knows how much we love that!! We can’t think of a more perfect combination – have a great Monday!
Bagged Audi S5
Bagged Audi S5
Bagged Audi S5


Andy White “Tweet That!” @Audi
Tom Kaulitz Audi R8 GT