Breken Kitchen – NW Portland!

Has anyone ever had an Elvis Sandwich? It seems like such an unlikely combination but I have to say, it is one of the best I have ever had. The Breken Kitchen in NW Portland took over where Sydney’s used to be on NW 16th and Thurman. I was a devoted Sydney’s fan so I will admit, I was sad to see it go. But in moved The Breken Kitchen with their simple menu and fantastic coffee – and the Sexy Elvis. It is a perfect combination of all the right things – amazing bread, slather of natural peanut butter, smear of honey and perfectly sliced banana. As if it couldn’t get better than that – we added thick-sliced bacon. All together this delightful concoction is fast becoming one of my favorite morning dog walk destinations!
Breken Kitchen Portland
The Breken Kitchen has kept the decor simple and the staff is friendly and very accommodating, even when the Sexy Elvis ends at 11:00am and we arrive at 11:30am! (Thank you Jessica!!!) I can’t wait to try one of their other sandwiches or the Nicoise with caper-potato salad. Yum! Everything looks truly delicious and I am delighted to find such a great spot right next door! Next time you are looking for a great spot to have a bite, morning or afternoon – be sure to check out our new favorite, Breken Kitchen.
Breken Kitchen Portland
Breken Kitchen Portland

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