Camo Audi A3 And A Wingsuit…

My wife may hate it but I can’t get enough. On a very regular basis I want new toys or want to start new hobbies and most recently I wanted a wing suit . As you can imagine that did not go over very well and I was quickly discouraged from pursuing that dream. Now I have moved on and since winter is coming I don’t want a motorcycle but really want to have an Audi wrapped in a camouflage vinyl – what harm is there in that? Who knows why I chase dreams and ideas from day to day; wing suits, camouflage cars and who knows whats next. Tell me what you think of cars wrapped in camo – I like them and just might need everyone’s help to convince my better half how awesome they are. Its been a while, but thank you all for continuing to follow I Am Audi .
Camo Audi A3
Camo Audi A3

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