Car Salesman – The True Business Model

With the focus lately so heavily on business to business communication the fundamentals of relationships have been lost. Yesterday my good friend Benjamin reminded me of what importance we, as a younger generation have on the future of good business practices. Not knowing how profound this statement would be to me he said, “the major problem with such a heavy focus on business to business is you lose the person to person communication”. Immediately I thought of our profession as car salesman (sales people) and how the stigma that surrounds us is not one of people who thrive and survive on relationships. Large corporations have as of late been promoting their strengths of fast, efficient, cutting edge business and this model has been adopted by many small companies, but this idea is fundamentally unsustainable.
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Now for the truth; business is about relationships and people, not connectivity of two industries. We must remember the value of the people involved and not the bottom line. Good car salesman are great at building relationships and ultimately getting the client what he or she wants without the corporate mentality influencing the goal at hand. Something else that car salesman must be admired for is ultimately they are working for the customer at all times. From the moment they meet and greet, to the connection that is built, getting the client the product and even continuing the relationship. This is a perfect model of what must be brought back into the corporate world; taking care of the client is number #1!
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Now to further this if you look Social Media is everywhere and often these large companies discourage this form of interaction with both co-workers and clientele alike, why? Why discourage the one thing that will maintain a long term connection with your clients with absolutely no cost or commitment, and where the sky is truly the limit? I wanted to say thank you to all the other Audi Brand Specialists out there who represent the product and brand so well. There really are no limitations of building connections and keeping that bond strong and it will ultimately benefit you and your business alike. Keep up the great work and make sure to stay focused on the one thing that matters to be successful, the client.

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