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Tuesday, February 20th 2018

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Audi + Avant… what more could you want?

Apr 15

We already know much we love the Audi Avant. What we’re curious about is how much everyone else loves it! What is not to love? It’s bad-ass.

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Beautiful Audi A4 Avant

Mar 25

So we won’t get to see the 2013 Audi A4 Avant in North America anytime soon, but seeing a picture is almost as good… not really. Believe it or not this is a manual, TDI Diesel, quattro, sport package, Audi A4 Avant – perfection!

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Truth in Audi Beauty

Mar 15

We want to know what you think of the new I Am Audi design? Let us know on Twitter what you like… or don’t.

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Get School’ed – The University of Audi

Jan 31

Wow. This picture is amazing. Not only is the Audi bad-ass, but the writing on the wall is worth some attention as well. For some reason these few lines makes us want to take stock of the things in our life and make sure that we are actually living our life and not just making […]

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Audi S4 + HRE Wheels

Jan 18

Happy Friday Everyone!! We’ve had some small victories this week and really have to comment on the power of good people and social media. It really is an amazing time in history to be a part of when we can connect with so many and start something rolling almost as soon as we concoct and […]

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Audi RS4 Avant in the Bends

Jan 3

Another day in paradise here in Portland, OR! We honestly can’t believe the run of sunshine we have had – makes us want to hit the road and take advantage of such a great stretch of lovely days! Anyone else feel the need to hit the road? Of course, we realize that for a few […]

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Audi Blue RS4 avant

Nov 9

Happy Friday!!! We thought it fitting to remind everyone that the snow season is upon us and that soon mountains everywhere will be open for Ski season!! Of course, you can disregard this message if you already have a mountain near you ready to rock… but we just can’t contain our excitement! This Audi RS4 […]

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Audi RS4 Avant, Fitting In

Oct 24

We all have times where we feel like an outsider; like we don’t belong. Luckily, this RS4 Avant never has to worry about that. Not only for obvious reasons, like not having actual feelings, but because who would really want to blend in anyways! No matter what, this bad ass Audi stands out and we […]

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Audi S4 Big Grill

Oct 17

Hump Day Folks!!! And we couldn’t be happier. So happy in fact, that we wanted to put our best face forward… and in this case, that means the incredibly fierce front grill of this Audi S4 – because we can’t think of a better way to face the day. Have a good one!

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Audi RS4, Reflection.

Oct 15

Well Hello Everyone! We have been on somewhat of a break from posting on the site – and for that, we do apologize. We will be back in full force over the next couple of weeks and look forward to hearing from everyone and putting up some of your pics on the site. It has […]

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Audi Air Force One

Aug 13

Good Morning everyone and welcome to Monday; to some, perhaps the most dreaded day of the week! We trust you all have had a great weekend full of interesting things to do; car shows to be taken in, cliffs to be jumped off, families to hang out with – and if you didn’t, well we […]

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Audi RS4 Waiting For Fall

Jul 25

We know it doesn’t seem like it right now, but Fall is coming. It happens to be one of our favorite seasons and luckily the internet keeps us at a safe distance from any glares or individuals wishing to strike us for saying so, but we are excited about the falling leaves and wet roads […]

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Audi RS4 Avant + Legs

Jun 5

We like a little leg. In fact, we like a lot of leg, but we especially like legs that are somehow enhanced by Audi’s and this picture definitely fits that bill! We love this picture – and not just for the obvious reasons, but for the subtle sexiness that is Audi and everything else that […]

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Audi RS4 Perfectiion

May 4

Looking good and so perfectly low to the ground!! We are sure everyone will agree that this fantastic Audi RS4 is impeccable in all the right places and there really isn’t anything we can think of to change. We love how it just hovers over the road and still manages to look so impressive without […]

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Audi + Bentley Wheels // she loves me, she loves me not

Apr 13

Love it or hate it??!! There is no shortage of images to find online or else where to showcase the individual styles of Audi lovers everywhere and we love this one! What do you guys think? We know everyone will have an opinion and that the opinion on the stance nation maybe divided, but that’s […]

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New Audi S4 – Beautiful Rolling Shots

Oct 7

We want to thank Mario as well as Justin Swain for these shots of this Audi S4, they look awesome! The wheels are 19″x8.5″ Work VSXXs in Burning Silver with black hardware. Make sure to check out BPCDubs as well as the BPCDubs Facebook Page for more pictures of local cars and the local Audi […]

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New 2013 Audi Allroad – We welcome you with open arms!

Sep 23

Let us start off by saying Audi we love you and we love the Audi Allroad! “Audi is reportedly looking to return to the toughened-up, all-wheel drive-wagon niche by bringing its A4 Allroad model to the U.S. in the near future.” reports Left Lane News . Left lane news also says: “Company execs told Car […]

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World Pink, Eat Pink… Pink Wheels?

Aug 25

Some people look at The World According to Pink however many actually go far beyond that and use pink as a statement. We love pink as much as the next person – we even love to Eat Pink , but this might be a little much. Though eye catching, this Audi A4 may have taken […]

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Audi S4 Into The Sunset

May 31

What an awesome shot of this beautiful red Audi S4 driving into the sunset. I found this picture on Flicker and the description said: “Michael Mills pilots Zerin’s 2010 Audi S4 around MSR Houston at sunset” Makes me wish I was on a road trip right now – somewhere where there was a bit of […]

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Titanium Package Audi A4 Avant… Black & White!

Jan 26

By now everyone should know that i hold a special place in my heart for any Audi with the Titanium Package , I just love that little attention to detail. The Titanium Edition is not for everyone but for people who do like it it makes a big difference. The Audi A4 Avant A4 Avant […]

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Rotiform Audi A4 Avant – Inspiration

Dec 31

If you haven’t already make sure to go to Rotiforms’s Facebook page and hit the Like button! I have always modified, lowered and personalized my cars and the lower the better so when I found Rotiform my head spun a little. Almost every car they touch turns to gold, I can’t find a car they […]

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One Of A Kind Audi A4 Avant!

Aug 30

Now that we are all fully submerged in the world of social media, online networking and building relationships through Twitter… here is one more example of how our world is getting smaller. It used to be that if you had a great picture or something very different and wanted to show off, it would take […]

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Titanium Edition Audi A4 Avant

Aug 3

Jason, I have decided what I think could be the perfect car for the new Portland Audi store demo and here it is: a 2011 Audi A4 Avant Titanium Edition . I am not sure if you are familiar with the Audi Titanium Edition but I know you will love it! As progressive as the […]

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Audi Dogs – Do You Have An Audi Dog?

Jun 11

What could be better than a nice sunny day and two great looking dogs hanging out in their Audi convertible!? Some people really don’t like their dogs to have free reign in their cars, but these dogs don’t fall in that category. They are loving their drivers seat positions! Our dog as well gets to […]

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Ultra Low Audi A4 Avant // Ultra Sexy!!!

Jun 10

Well I love the way these two sites operate; their style, brightness and aggressive content. Rotiform and Klutch Online are really into low, low stance and I dig it. I have always loved slammed cars, its not as easy in the Northwest as it is in Southern California to pull this look off because standing […]

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Audi A4 With Bentley Wheels – The New Crossover!?

Jun 4

Check out these great pics of an Audi A4 with Bentley wheels swapped for the stock ones. This could be a whole new type of “crossover!” I have to thank my friend Brino from Twenty Forty One for sending this to me – it turns out the website thing can be pretty time consuming and […]

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Portlands Sunset Audi Teams Up with STaSIS

Apr 9

Race-Bred Signature Series Audis Now Available in the Rose City Race-Bred Signature Series Audis Now Available in the Rose City Race-Bred Signature Series Audis Now Available in the Rose City Sunset Audi , Portland, OR Summit Point, West Virginia (March 1, 2010) – Proclaimed as North America’s “Best Big City,” and known throughout the world […]

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STaSIS Audi A4 // Challange Edition

Mar 23

Audi makes an amazing vehicle that is very capable, but if you want that little extra punch then you should look into STaSIS Engineering. STaSIS is a company like Audi that was born out of performance and learned what works from research and development on the racetrack. This particular Audi A4 is equipped with the […]

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Audi Google Street View Submission

Mar 22

I received an email today ” Google map coordinates showing my old 03 A4 3.0, I now own an 09 A4 3.2″. Thanks so much Roberto for sending this Google Map street view of your old Audi , and I am happy to hear you replaced it with another Audi. Like I said before if […]

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Audi Air Suspension // Audi Riding On Air

Dec 24

As seen on these two bagged A4 Avant’s look pretty nice, it could just be that they are manual transmission wagons. I seem to be into Audi Avant’s right now so forgive me I am sure by the first of the new year I will be onto something new. What made me dig these […]

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Audi vs: BMW // Audi Makes the Worlds Best Drivetrain

Dec 9

It is that time of year again as the tempatures start to drop and the snow starts to fall the Audi playground gets a little more exciting. The Audi quattro system works as an advantage to the driver in every weather condition, but most noticeably in wet and snowy conditions. If you take a look […]

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Sport Package A4 With a Manual Transmission

Sep 21

Audi leads the way when it comes to style and when you add the sports package to any of our vehicles you increase that style even more. Manual transmission 2010 A4’s are not easy to come by because the European’s keep all of these vehicles for themselves but when we do get them, we build […]

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Audi Wagons – Without Sacrifice

Feb 3

Should I get a sedan or should I get a wagon? This is a question most people ask themselves when choosing a new vehicle and often the “fun factor” comes into play. People often find themselves thinking the wagon is not sporty or fun but with the Audi A4 Avant this is simply not true. […]

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Sport Package – 2009 A4

Jan 9

When you do not need the S-Line equipment or you just simply prefer the look of a different style of wheel you have a new option; now available is the Sport Package. The great thing about the Sport Package is the aggressive look it gives to the A4 without huge jump in trim level. Unlike […]

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2009 A4 S-Line Avant

Jan 3

Audi has always made the most beautiful Avant, so when combining the S-Line package to this already beautiful vehicle, you have perfection. This new 2009 wagon really stands out with its huge wheels, stunning interior and aggresive stance, this package puts it all together. One of the most common modifications to any vehicle is suspension […]

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A4 S-Line Option

Dec 23

The S-Line (Sport Package) option has always been very popular with Audi enthusiasts. The S-Line Package gives you stiffer suspension, brushed aluminum interior trim, driver & passanger front sport seats and larger more aggresive sport style wheel and tire package along with some other bits and pieces. This Sport Package is available on all 2009 […]

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1. Performance

Every part in the machine counts.

With our vehicles being developed from the ground up around the world famous & award winning Quattro All-wheel drive, it is no wonder we are the leader in performance.

With countless victories and developments in Le Mans, Rally racing, Pikes Peak, and touring car championships, we build the most competitive All-wheel drive cars in the world. If you are looking for that unfair advantage, welcome to Audi, you have found it.

2. Safety

Why die, when you can live?

Brought to you by the company that pioneered safety standards and crash testing almost 100 years ago, with Audi there is no compromise in safety.

Available with technical advancements such as side guard head protection, Side Assist, adaptive headlights, three point safety belts and many other award winning safety systems as well as L.E.D lighting.

3. Design

Everyone wants to look good right?

Bold dynamic lines with moving surfaces, coupe like design and an aggressive stance on the road whether moving or standing still.

Audi has set itself apart from the rest of the industry with driver oriented cockpits and the leader of interior craftsmanship, materials and fit and finish. Keep in mind our extensive use of aluminum, space frame technology and low center of gravity give you that true Audi experience inside and out.

4. Versatility

Sometimes abundance is not enough.

If you want it, Audi has it. And if you have heard of it, it is most likely an option. Audi builds the most versatile cars in the world. Four door sedan or sport back, Coupe or Sport utility vehicle, big or small, front wheel drive or Quattro, gas fuel or diesel - and you still have to pick a color.

We build vehicles that will truly win races and pick up the groceries on the way home. If you let an Audi tell you it's story, it will never disappoint or disconnect you from the experience.

5. Value

Yes, fair value exchange does exist.

Whether you go with a new Audi and get a 4-year 50k mile warranty, or the certified pre-owned Audi with the most comprehensive 300 + point inspection and up to 6 years, 100k miles, you will not only get the best car on the market,
you will gain piece of mind!

And really, you can't put a price on that.