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Saturday, February 24th 2018

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Audi RS5, Flexing it’s Shoulders

Apr 29

The cold weather has pretty much all but disappeared, but Audi’s just make those freezing days look almost enticing. We said almost.

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Purple Audi RS5

Apr 8

The world runs on… Neon purple Audi RS5’s?! So it’s not as catchy. But it sure is something to look at.

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Audi A5 in Nature with you.

Apr 4

Eye spy with my little eye, something that is… not Audi related, but instead, makes us laugh. Oh, and has a cigar hanging from it’s mouth.

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Audi waiting to run

Mar 21

This Audi RS5 is fresh off the showroom floor and begging to go for a run!

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Black is the new Black

Mar 18

We love it too! Believe it or not this Audi RS5 has been photo shopped.

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Audi #DayLight, We Create It.

Feb 15

It’s Friday! (As if you didn’t know!) The weekend is lurking in the back drop and we are ready for it to show itself. One thing about Audi, there is no mistaking those brilliant evil-eye headlights staring you down. No matter what is currently staring you down; Audi headlights, mountains of paperwork, a chainsaw – […]

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Blue Audi Looker…

Feb 12

Hello Fat Tuesday!! Thought we’d share a pic of this gorgeous blue Audi today as it’s heading out into it’s day – we hope somewhere exciting, but no matter what, at least whoever drives this rig will look good getting there. We’ve never spent anytime in New Orleans, but it is certainly a place on […]

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I Am Audi S5 – Parked.

Jan 14

Hello fellow Monday sufferers! We didn’t do much driving this weekend, which is a shame considering this fun little beast of a car we have, but instead we took to the streets of Portland with our own mode of transportation and probably walked a good 20 miles in total. We feel pretty good about it, […]

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Audi RS5 Cab. Enjoying the Day!

Jan 1

Happy New Year!!! We hope everyone had a great holiday and spent some time with family and friends. We are glad to welcome 2013 today and have a great feeling about this year! It’s starting out with sunshine in Portland, OR so what could be a better start than that?! We won’t bore you with […]

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#1 Exclusive Sport Classic Gray Audi S5

Dec 26

Want to meet the latest addition to our family?! Welcome the Exclusive Sport Classic Gray Audi S5 – we love her. Right now we’re looking for some name suggestion… Let us know what you think and thank you Audi For Life for the great photography!

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Low, Matte, Coupe…

Dec 4

We’re not sure there’s too much to be said about this slammed Audi A5. It pretty much speaks for itself and we figure you guys will do the same. Love or hate it?? We just love how the sun shines down on it at a seemingly perfect angle. Have a great day!

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Audi RS5 Runway Ready

Nov 20

We can’t help but love this picture! Somehow it manages to clear our minds and focus on whatever needs to be done. We certainly wish that what needed to be done looked more like racing down this empty track in this amazing Audi RS5, but inevitably, it is more mundane than that… like sitting in […]

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Audi A5 For the Love of Low

Nov 16

It’s our favorite day of the week!! You know what that means… no, we don’t either. We are game just to be spontaneous and see where the weekend takes us. It would certainly be favorable if it lead us to this slammed Audi A5 so we could roll on down the road, but because it […]

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Black Euro Rolling S5

Nov 13

It’s a nice day for an Audi!! And it’s a nice day for a lovely ride down a vacant country road in an Audi as well. Somewhere in the hills of Europe this very Audi is doing just that, and we wish we could be doing that too. But for anyone that actually is, please […]

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Audi A5… Parking Blues.

Nov 5

Happy Monday Morning everyone!!! If your car is, or will be parked in a parking lot today, lets hope it looks like this one! Because even though it’s a sad day when we all have to head back to our offices, if you end your day in a ride home in a fantastic piece of […]

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Audi R8 & RS5… When Thunder Strikes Lightning

Oct 25

There is no disputing that Audi’s are show stoppers. No matter where you go, there is always that moment where an Audi passes, or catches your eye in some way and steals the attention from what you’re already doing, for itself. We really dig that about them. And we also really dig you guys, so […]

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Audi A5… The wheels on the bus

Aug 28

Well it’s about to be that time of year again when school zones come back in to effect, back packs are full of new pens and pencils and big yellow buses slowly maneuver the streets. We figure that the best way to navigate the coming weeks is to be settled into your own sanctuary, inside […]

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Bling, blang low Audi

Aug 9

We’ve heard of taking your family for a picnic – but this just brings a whole new meaning to that task! We love it. Nothing says how great it is to be surrounded by family more than that family being a group of low, amazing Audi’s! And why not?? There’s no black sheep in this […]

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Audi S5 In the Sun

Jul 18

Welcome to Wednesday everyone! It’s hump-day and that is a fantastic thing generally, but if you have this view from your office window, staring at your lovely Audi S5 just soaking up the sun, it may just be the worst day of the week for you. We know you’d like nothing more than to hop […]

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Audi RS5… From The Back

Jun 29

“Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin…” For those that are wondering why we have broken out into song this morning, and do be thankful you can’t hear us singing!!, it is simply because it’s Friday and we are barely holding on waiting for July 4th weekend to come along! This brilliantly colored […]

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Audi R8 PPI Design

Jun 27

Hump Day folks!! And besides the obvious, what could be better than a bit of a break from the monotony of the day, than checking out this fantastic Audi R8 that is one of a kind, for sure?! We know you want to love it! So take a few minutes and tell us why you […]

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Matte Black Audi RS5… Ill Will

Jun 20

There is nothing quite like a sunny, family filled day at the park. Picnics and gorgeous weather, kids running around with smiles on their faces and of course, this matte black Audi RS5 waiting for you in the parking lot for your return home. It could be perhaps the only thing better than the actual […]

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Audi RS5 Design Language

May 31

Looking at this gorgeous picture we find ourselves loving the color blue even more. There is just something about the blue back drop and shiny hue of the car reflecting the light and of course the grey over tones of the whole image that speaks to us. We know what it says – Audi makes […]

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Audi RS5… Everybody Gather Round

Mar 30

It’s finally Friday everyone!! And if you live in the Portland area you know that we aren’t actually seeing any of that beautiful sunshine yet – but we have big plans for when it does finally come around and those plans involve some sort of cabrio – preferably this Audi RS5 in cab. form. Nothing […]

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Audi S5 Air Society

Mar 28

How low is too low??? Well we may have just found it! I know there are a great many of you out there that are not going to be too happy about the lowness level of this very special Audi courtesy of Audi Society – but you have to admit, it does test the laws […]

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Audi RS5 – Beauty is more than skin deep

Mar 9

Even if all the lines weren’t perfect and the styling, next to godliness, or the headlights, starring deeply into your soul; it would still be the most amazing vehicle. You may wonder why that is and if you don’t already know then welcome to the party, because Audi doesn’t make only the most gorgeous vehicles […]

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Audi in Hollywood

Feb 21

It should be pretty clear by now how much we love pictures. I mean, we definitely love Audi pictures, but we really aren’t picky. We simply enjoy the fact that at any given time the world wide web can provide us with a never ending stream of amazing pictures that people have captured and that […]

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Audi A5 Line Up In The Snow

Feb 17

There isn’t much that needs to be said about this picture. It is amazing and we love it – but that may be because there isn’t much that could even make this picture better: Audi’s, in a line, in the snow, waiting to get into some sort of trouble… Nothing makes us happier than that!

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Audi S5 Sportback – Dreaming.

Feb 1

If the sight of this beautifully designed and painfully gorgeous Audi S5 Sportback tearing it up in the snow makes you drool onto your keyboard, and you live the US, drooling is likely all you will get to do – that is unless you travel to Europe to see it for yourself! This amazing and […]

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Audi RS5 “Blew By You”

Jan 26

We are pretty positive we speak for most everyone who loves Audi that we can’t wait to see the new RS5 in the US in the very near future!! We thought we’d give you a little taste of it today to help you all through your Thursday’s! We know nothing would make our weekend better […]

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If “Rubbin’s Racin”, This Audi Wins!

Jan 11

Well we are back from the North American International Auto Show in Detroit where we had a fabulous and very busy time! I won’t say that it was car overload, since I think we all know that could never be the case, but this was our first experience at this type of show and it […]

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Audi RS5 Snow Day

Dec 12

If you are lucky enough to have snow during this time of year, this may be a familiar picture for you – but if you live in the West Coast, its likely you have to travel to a mountain for skiing or snowboarding or some sort of Winter activity to catch this kind of shot. […]

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Blue By You // Bagged Matte Blue Audi S5

Dec 5

Well it’s Monday again and for most of you it’s the start of another work week so we thought we’d help to clear away some of the Monday blues with some shots of this beautiful blue specimen of an Audi. Love it or hate it?? We think it is awesome and would love nothing more […]

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Audi RS5 Looking Strong

Oct 12

Its so nice waking up to an email from someone who took the time to send in pictures of their Audi; it doesn’t hurt that the pictures are of an Audi RS5 either! A group of the top Audi Websites and journalists were invited out by Audi to drive the Audi RS5 in The Snow […]

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Audi RS5 Cabriolet – Same old, same old

Sep 21

We wish we could say we’re blown away by the release of the new RS5 cabriolet renderings, however in typical fashion its the same old same old – the coupe version without a top. As reported by Motor Ward : “The cabriolet version of the new Audi RS5 revealed early as the official drawings submitted […]

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4 door Audi S5 Sportback!

Jun 28

Now this is one Audi we really think would do well in the United States, a little smaller then the A7 and a little sportier then the A6 – perfect! When your in Europe and you see the A5, S5 sportback for the first time your really not sure what to think or even what […]

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1. Performance

Every part in the machine counts.

With our vehicles being developed from the ground up around the world famous & award winning Quattro All-wheel drive, it is no wonder we are the leader in performance.

With countless victories and developments in Le Mans, Rally racing, Pikes Peak, and touring car championships, we build the most competitive All-wheel drive cars in the world. If you are looking for that unfair advantage, welcome to Audi, you have found it.

2. Safety

Why die, when you can live?

Brought to you by the company that pioneered safety standards and crash testing almost 100 years ago, with Audi there is no compromise in safety.

Available with technical advancements such as side guard head protection, Side Assist, adaptive headlights, three point safety belts and many other award winning safety systems as well as L.E.D lighting.

3. Design

Everyone wants to look good right?

Bold dynamic lines with moving surfaces, coupe like design and an aggressive stance on the road whether moving or standing still.

Audi has set itself apart from the rest of the industry with driver oriented cockpits and the leader of interior craftsmanship, materials and fit and finish. Keep in mind our extensive use of aluminum, space frame technology and low center of gravity give you that true Audi experience inside and out.

4. Versatility

Sometimes abundance is not enough.

If you want it, Audi has it. And if you have heard of it, it is most likely an option. Audi builds the most versatile cars in the world. Four door sedan or sport back, Coupe or Sport utility vehicle, big or small, front wheel drive or Quattro, gas fuel or diesel - and you still have to pick a color.

We build vehicles that will truly win races and pick up the groceries on the way home. If you let an Audi tell you it's story, it will never disappoint or disconnect you from the experience.

5. Value

Yes, fair value exchange does exist.

Whether you go with a new Audi and get a 4-year 50k mile warranty, or the certified pre-owned Audi with the most comprehensive 300 + point inspection and up to 6 years, 100k miles, you will not only get the best car on the market,
you will gain piece of mind!

And really, you can't put a price on that.