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Saturday, February 24th 2018

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Alex Premat’s Huge Audi DTM Crash at Adria

Nov 1

Alexandre Prémat was able to walk away from a huge crash during the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters race at Adria in Italy. The Touring Car Times

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Audi Group B Rally Tribute

Oct 24

When I think about racing the first thing that comes to my mind is Rally, with Le Mans coming in a very close second. We know that Audi got out of the WRC circuit in the Late 80’s – though they dominated, safety of the spectators became a concern. Watching the older Audi’s in their […]

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Hurley Haywood’s Audi 200 Quattro!

Jun 23

First off I have to thank quattroholic for this write up and the pictures. It was exciting to find that they had put this up – I just had to pass it on. And now an addition for every quattroholic’s wish list, (and I Am Audi’s! ). An original Audi 200 quattro Trans Am race […]

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Audi R8 GT Full Brochure Catalog

Jun 22

Time has got to be running out on Audi’s R8, but have no fear, because the newest and most hardcore variant is one that may become a highly sought after piece. With only a shade over 300 being built and the likelihood none will come stateside, you better believe someone is going to figure a […]

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What you missed at the 24 Hours of Le Mans

Jun 16

The world’s most famous endurance race ended Sunday morning with the Peugeots shut out of the hardware despite being by far the fastest cars in the field. That left the door open for Audi, as their R15 TDIs swept the podium spots as all four Peugeots had problems and couldn’t make it to the finish. […]

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Audi Achieves Record Victory at Le Mans with New Technology

Jun 15

• First Le Mans exploit with Variable Turbine Geometry (VTG) • New distance record thanks to efficiency and reliability • All three Audi R15 TDI cars in top three places For the ninth time Audi has won the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans Le Mans and thus equalized Ferrari’s position in the roll of […]

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Audi R8 Sportscar Experience Up for Grabs in Twitter Contest!

Jun 15

* Audi celebrates 1-2-3 finish at Le Mans with a sweepstakes. * Winner gets to drive an Audi R8 on Sonoma, California’s Infineon Raceway. * Contest ends June 23. SONOMA, California — Audi just gave its fans something to celebrate when its cars finished 1-2-3 at the 24 Hours of Le Mans last weekend. Another […]

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Audi R15 Plus – True Craft Wins Le Mans!

Jun 13

Posting on a Sunday is something I have stayed away from for the past 3 years – but today is a special day. Last night I went to sleep not knowing who won the 2010 Le Mans and like Christmas morning when I woke up my wife said “guess what!!!?” We had done it. Audi […]

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Audi 2010 24 Hour of Le Mans // Research & Development

Jun 11

The 2010 24 Hours of Le Mans (24 Heures du Mans 2010) will be the 78th Grand Prix of Endurance, taking place on June 12–13, 2010 at the Circuit de la Sarthe, Le Mans, France, and organised by the Automobile Club de l’Ouest (ACO). Automatic entries to the 2010 24 Hours of Le Mans will […]

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Audi R8 V8 vs: Audi R8 V10 (Exclusive Velvet Purple!)

Jun 8

I can’t believe how lucky I am to have such good friends. Last year my wife I went to the Audi Sportscar Experience and we met a great guy who just loved his V8 R8 and was waiting for his new V10 R8. Of course we kept in contact and when he told me he […]

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The Audi Sportscar Experience // The Ladies Perspective

Jun 2

I can’t say for certain what my expectations were when Scott first mentioned going to Sonoma for the R8 Sportscar experience. I was of course excited to go to Sonoma. Any excuse to get to California works for me – but racing cars, on a track? Not sure about that! I am sure I can […]

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The Audi Sportscar Addiction… I Mean Experience

Jun 1

A few months back… well a little more then a few, The Audi Sportscar Experience invited my wife and I to come down to Sonoma California and drive the new V10 R8; of course I said yes! I would just have to arrange a time to make it down to California when we both had […]

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Audi R8 LMS Racing Car – Test Drive!

May 27

Chris Harris drives Audi’s GT3 racing car, based on the R8 V10 supercar. With a carbonfibre body, a stripped-out interior and 500bhp, this is Audi’s V10-engined supercar turned GT3 racer. And it’s an extremely good one, too, as Chris Harris finds out. Source: EVO

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The Greatest Audi Quattros Ever

May 26

By now you surely know the story of Quattro, Audi’s all-wheel-drive system. You remember its beginnings with a small Volkswagen-built military vehicle called the Iltis, the way it changed rallying forever, how it’s proven itself on the racetrack so comprehensively that all-wheel drive has been banned in virtually every category, and the way the very […]

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Audi Putting It Down! – North West Rally 2010

May 25

A great friend of mine, Caleb Booth is super passionate about film and photography and shares his passion on his website Live For Video. I have really surrounded myself with people who are not only very good at what they do but love doing what they do. Caleb sent me this picture he took of […]

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Audi Launches Free DTM and Le Mans App

Apr 23

Ahead of this weekend’s DTM curtain raiser, Audi has produced an iPhone/iPod Touch/ iPad compatible app to keep their fans right up to date on its 2010 racing activities. The app is available now in the App Store and we have to say that for a first go, it’s a very good effort. Weighing in […]

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Auto Union Silver Arrows Back on the Starting Grid in Monte Carlo

Apr 22

• Jacky Ickx and Hans-Joachim Stuck at the wheel of motorsport legends • Auto Union Type C and D thunder through the streets of the Principality • Two special runs at the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique on May 1 and 2 The hearts of fans of historic motor sport will beat faster on the […]

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Audi Burnout and Drift Video

Apr 20

I was searching for great car videos and pictures of Audi’s last night like I do on most Mondays and decided to look up Audi’s drifting and burnouts. Not usually the type of videos I search for, I typically try to stick to more “educational” stuff but this picture got me searching for footage. While […]

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Audi Opens Customer Sport Center in Ingolstadt

Apr 14

Launched in 2008, the Audi customer sport program has entered a new phase with the inauguration of a dedicated center next to Audi Sport. The new customer sport center in Ingolstadt will coordinate the GT3 sports car season’s highlight event – the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring on May 15/16. “The customer sport program with […]

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Audi Wins R15 ‘Plus’ Debut Race!!!

Apr 12

Looks like Audi ‘s R15 Plus version of its TDI racer has won its debut race this weekend in France. Audi , clearly known for its stellar racing history, hopes to win back its lost title at Lemans this year and may just do it with this new R15. Driver Allan McNish took the lead […]

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The Real Heros Of Racing

Apr 8

I have been with Audi a long time, well relatively speaking. Audi has been involved with just about every form of racing for a very long time, over 100 years. The only reason I bring this up is to remind everyone with an Audi to remember everything that has gone in to the machine they […]

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Audi “Competition” Movie – By Audi France

Mar 30

Audi France presents a unique film directed by Olivier Megaton HD to mark the start of the French GT3 series. The film aims to highlight Audi racing activities with a focus on the Chmpionnate de France FFSA GT and also the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Le Mans Series and the DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen-Masters) […]

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Audi Builds R8 LMS Race Car for 2011

Mar 28

Win on Sunday, sell on Monday is a mantra that used to carry a lot more weight than it does these days. For the top sports/luxury carmakers, however, there’s still value to be had in motorsport recognition, however, and Audi is carrying forward its Audi R8 LMS GT3 program for 2010. The new car gets […]

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Audi R15 TDI Plus Crashes: Sebring Test Run Turn 17 – aka Sunset Bend

Mar 25

It didn’t take long for the car to make the headlines once again. This time, though, it’s for all the wrong reasons. And just so it seems appropriate, the incident happened at the Sebring race track, where a bunch of other racing vehicles figured into recent car crashes of their own. During a test drive […]

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Audi To Reclaim Le Mans 24 Title!

Mar 17

After nine consecutive wins in the Le Mans 24, Audi was outdone by Peugeot in 2009. This year they are intent on reclaiming their title at the top with the introduction of the R15 Plus. This new super machine will avenge the rankings of its predecessor, the R15, with some added beefiness and aerodynamics and […]

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Audi Motorsport Highlights – R8 GT3 Customer Racecar

Mar 14

Audi’s motorsport division first announced plans in August last year to launch a 500hp-plus (373kW) version of the V10-powered R8 for use in the 2009 GT3 racing series. The first of these high-performance race cars has now finally been released, with Audi Sport Italia taking delivery on Tuesday of the car with chassis number 101. […]

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Audi Racing – From The Past

Feb 11

This is a picture from one of the books that Audi has at training; I love these older vintage pictures of racing. Audi was extremely active in racing throughout the 80’s and has continued to build its motor-sport legacy into 2010. I am sure in 25 years I will look back at the pictures of […]

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Audi R8 – Kundensport Highlights

Feb 9

Another great opportunity for Audi clients to experience the true performance of their race prepped cars. Because this program has not yet been fully developed here in the United States I know very little about it but am excited that it exists. If you have more info on the program please feel free to fill […]

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Audi | DTM Norisring 2009 Pit Stop

Dec 20

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Nick Cannon “The Learn to Drive Event” Part #2

Dec 19

Recently I posted about Brittney Snow, Anna Lynne McCord and Ryan Rottman at the Infinion Raceway, home of the Audi Sportscar Experience in Sonoma California. Oakley and Tiger Milk put on a “The Learn To Drive Event” and the lucky few in attendance who got to race around the Infinion Raceway. I will leave it […]

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Brittany Snow at “The Learn To Drive Event” Infinion Raceway

Dec 18

Actress Brittany Snow , boyfriend Ryan Rottman and her good friend Anna Lynne McCord attended the “learn To Drive Event” put on by Oakley and Muscle Milk in Sonoma California. The Event was held at the Infinion Raceway home of The Audi Sportscar Experience , an amazing driving program put on by Audi. Having personally […]

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Audi RS6 “I will race you to the Top!”

Dec 17

Its that time of year again when we can all reap the benefits of our Audi’s and the all-wheel drive capabilities they posses. The Audi RS6 will most likely never be available in the United States, though I wish it were the price would be more then most could swallow. The RS6 Avant is worth […]

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Audi quattro – The Official Story

Dec 12

Audi quattro could be considered the foundation of the Audi Brand. Audi has developed many drive-train advancements including front wheel drive, however quattro could be the greatest. This video is pretty great, I love at the start how it shows the back wheels kick out, we have always been headed in the right direction. If […]

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Secrets of Speed Video // Quatto History

Dec 4

Weather you love Audi or not this is a must watch video for any car enthusiast! Racing has advanced and so has the supporting technology. Without question some of the best years of motor-sport were in the 80’s, don’t get me wrong I can’t pick a favorite time in racing history but I have to […]

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Audi and Celebrities // Audi Driving Experience

Nov 20

For the most part celebrities and pro athletes have always had the good fortune to drive nice cars and the car they drive is often a reflection of that car manufacturer in the market place (except for basketball players and Tahoe’s). Audi has become the car celebrities and the movie industry want to drive and […]

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Audi DTM Highlights 2009 // What a Season

Nov 18

Audi does it again! We go to races to win and we do. Audi is an automotive manufacturer that goes beyond the standard to raise the level of were the industry should be. We win races because of our advanced technology and superior engineering; we pass that technology on to our production vehicles. No one […]

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1. Performance

Every part in the machine counts.

With our vehicles being developed from the ground up around the world famous & award winning Quattro All-wheel drive, it is no wonder we are the leader in performance.

With countless victories and developments in Le Mans, Rally racing, Pikes Peak, and touring car championships, we build the most competitive All-wheel drive cars in the world. If you are looking for that unfair advantage, welcome to Audi, you have found it.

2. Safety

Why die, when you can live?

Brought to you by the company that pioneered safety standards and crash testing almost 100 years ago, with Audi there is no compromise in safety.

Available with technical advancements such as side guard head protection, Side Assist, adaptive headlights, three point safety belts and many other award winning safety systems as well as L.E.D lighting.

3. Design

Everyone wants to look good right?

Bold dynamic lines with moving surfaces, coupe like design and an aggressive stance on the road whether moving or standing still.

Audi has set itself apart from the rest of the industry with driver oriented cockpits and the leader of interior craftsmanship, materials and fit and finish. Keep in mind our extensive use of aluminum, space frame technology and low center of gravity give you that true Audi experience inside and out.

4. Versatility

Sometimes abundance is not enough.

If you want it, Audi has it. And if you have heard of it, it is most likely an option. Audi builds the most versatile cars in the world. Four door sedan or sport back, Coupe or Sport utility vehicle, big or small, front wheel drive or Quattro, gas fuel or diesel - and you still have to pick a color.

We build vehicles that will truly win races and pick up the groceries on the way home. If you let an Audi tell you it's story, it will never disappoint or disconnect you from the experience.

5. Value

Yes, fair value exchange does exist.

Whether you go with a new Audi and get a 4-year 50k mile warranty, or the certified pre-owned Audi with the most comprehensive 300 + point inspection and up to 6 years, 100k miles, you will not only get the best car on the market,
you will gain piece of mind!

And really, you can't put a price on that.