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Saturday, February 24th 2018

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Audi Social :: Lead By Example

May 15

Ever since the tremendously successful @Audi #WantAnR8 Twitter campaign, more and more incredible pictures of R8’s have been popping up. Did you know that the #WantAnR8 campaign is the most successful Twitter campaign in history? Well it is! We admire Audi USA for doing it right, and leading by example with their engaged approach to […]

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Audi S3 – Ready For the Weekend!

May 11

Well everyone, we have made it through yet another week!! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and this bright yellow Audi S3 is bring a smile to our face as we think about it racing full tilt into Saturday! Yellow isn’t usually our favorite color, but we figure that with the time of […]

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Audi TT RS + Rotiform

May 10

There is no doubt that Rotiform does some of the nicest wheels around, and now that they have Orbitz The Dog tearing around their place and inspecting all the wheels, we love them even more!! We have a soft spot for Frenchies and for outstanding wheels so this is the perfect company in our eyes […]

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B7 Audi Avant Rollin Away!

May 9

Audi’s certainly have a way of making heads turn – and this one is no exception! This fantastic looking B7 Avant looks great from every angle and it is definitely getting the attention it deserves. Looks as though it has made an appearance at some sort of car show but is now on it’s way […]

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Satin Audi R8 GT Livin’ Large!

May 8

We love that most of the grey days are behind us for now – we’ve had a whole two days of sunshine and heat! But one grey we are fine to keep is this Satin grey Audi R8 GT – we love it!! And pretty much the only way we want any grey around right […]

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Audi Beauty

May 4

Well it’s Friday again folks and it looks like it’s actually going to be a nice weekend for us here in Portland; meaning we are supposed to be getting some of that elusive sunshine!! We will believe it when we see it, but in the meantime we are not wasting any time crossing our fingers […]

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B5 Audi RS4 Avant Sickness

May 2

We can’t say its rare to find pictures that we love – since it happens all the time! But that is good news, and better news yet, is that we LOVE this picture. It actually makes us feel like we are rolling with this amazing B5 RS4 Avant , and short of being there, we […]

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I Am Audi Store “NOW OPEN!”

May 1

Great news!!! The I Am Audi Store is now open and we are selling our exclusive t-shirts and hoodies officially! All I Am Audi Apparel is made and printed in the USA and you can enjoy free shipping anywhere in the United States! Be sure to check out the Spring line of I Am Audi […]

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Audi Girl + Four Ring Tattoo

Apr 30

We may have found the girl of our dreams and it’s all thanks to Social Media! Without the constant stream of amazing pics Audi fans upload we never would have found this picture and we never would have known that there are so many fans out there willing to tattoo their bodies for the brand […]

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Audi’s Lady In Red

Apr 26

We don’t really have to say why we love it, we think it’s pretty obvious – but just in case anyone out there needs some swaying, there is something about this picture that we just can’t help but be somewhat memorized by. Call it the contrast of red and white, call it the bare naked […]

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S4 Avant… Real Men Drive Wagons

Apr 25

There was a time when driving a wagon evoked thoughts of screaming children and soccer practices; wood paneling and so much stuff tied to the roof, you could be mistaken for the Griswold’s, and we’re sure there are a few folks who still believe this is the truth, but lets be honest, Audi makes having […]

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Audi Quattro Concept Day Pass

Apr 20

If there aren’t already enough reasons to love Europe and by association, Audi, here is just one more. Check out this Audi Quattro Concept rolling around the streets somewhere in Europe, stopping passersby looking for shots of this incredible looking machine. You know how we feel about the luck of Europeans getting to enjoy all […]

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Keeping Looking Audi!

Apr 16

We don’t know what you’re looking for but we’re glad you are! Few people make looking for anything in their Audi this appealing and this is one we just wish would keep looking and looking- since we are. We know it’s Monday and that it may be too soon to start the week with this […]

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An Audi Girl R8 Moment

Apr 11

Well they just keep getting better and better! Not only do we keep getting great pictures of love-worthy Audi R8’s… But we keep getting pictures of them with strikingly hot women attached to them or lounging around them! Hard to say what we like more – but for the time being, we will take them […]

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Audi Love + Sunshine

Apr 2

Let’s be realistic – it is pretty doubtful this amazing Audi R8 has broken down on the side of the road. Not only is it an R8 but it appears to have just been picked up from the dealer. So instead we figure that this very cool shot is not someone waiting for the tow […]

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Audi RS5… Everybody Gather Round

Mar 30

It’s finally Friday everyone!! And if you live in the Portland area you know that we aren’t actually seeing any of that beautiful sunshine yet – but we have big plans for when it does finally come around and those plans involve some sort of cabrio – preferably this Audi RS5 in cab. form. Nothing […]

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Audi Sport quattro, The Pack Leader

Mar 29

We like to lead and we take pride in the fact that no matter the age of this black Audi Sport quattro in question – it also still takes pride in it’s ability to lead the pack too! There is a lot to be said for a brand with so much history behind it and […]

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Dream A Little Dream #WantAnR8

Mar 23

‘Picture us rollin!??’- yes we will! Right on down the road and into our secured under ground parking. We love that a picture can take you away and out of the office and really anywhere you like, without ever having to do anything of the sort, since time or job requirements may not always allow. […]

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Every Modern Audi Model – It’s A Dream!!

Mar 22

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe – jump in one, and go, go, go!! We hate to use the reference of the ‘kid in the candy store’ here, but we just can’t think of anything more fitting. We are also pretty sure that we have had a dream at some point that looked similar to this and […]

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PPI Razor Audi R8 GTR by Willem de Zeeuw

Mar 21

Among the many Audi favorites we find on a daily basis, we stumbled upon this shot from Photographer Willem de Zeeuw and we liked it so much we just had to share it. It isn’t really the body trim we like most about it, or the gold reflective lines on the base of the passenger […]

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Audi on the Beach in Thailand

Mar 15

As you all know I am Audi has been traveling in Asia for the last couple of weeks. We had a fantastic time and have many adventures to share but thought we would share this first picture because it is clearly one of our favorites! Pretty hard to tell why! We didn’t have the opportunity […]

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Black, Suzuka or Red – you try and pick one!

Mar 12

Sexy and we know it! Well if you had to chose – what Audi would it be?? Simply put – we want this to be our drive way, parking lot, or view from our office window – either way, it would make our day, each and every day. The hard part comes when you have […]

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Audi RS5 – Beauty is more than skin deep

Mar 9

Even if all the lines weren’t perfect and the styling, next to godliness, or the headlights, starring deeply into your soul; it would still be the most amazing vehicle. You may wonder why that is and if you don’t already know then welcome to the party, because Audi doesn’t make only the most gorgeous vehicles […]

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Caught in Nature – Audi Europe

Mar 2

We’re not sure how many times we can talk about how happy we are to be able to find pictures like this of Audi’s online at any given second – but it just has to be said over and over again since it just doesn’t get old! We love this picture and we love the […]

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I Am Audi Pictures

Feb 29

Something new to I Am Audi, of course, Thanks to the magnificent Mr. Diggles!! Pretty much anything great that happens on I Am Audi is thanks to Mr. Diggles and he has really outdone himself with the latest addition to the site – the I Am Audi Flickr Feed . You can now see and […]

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Out of The Office! I Am Audi Is In Asia.

Feb 27

Well, for anyone who doesn’t already know, I Am Audi is heading to Shanghai first thing this morning! We are off to visit Kansas’s brother and see the world through his eyes, which will inevitably be an amazing trip!! We can’t wait to show everyone our pictures and capture some Audi’s from that side of […]

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Volume 1: The Beginning (Beautiful Me)

Feb 25

Velos Designwerks just uploaded a brand new video – volume 1: The Beginning (Beautiful Me), featuring model, Sueliey Rodriguez. This short video encapsulates what Velos Designwerks is all about and features some hot cars from Audi, Porsche, Ferrari and BMW not to mention the sexy Sueliey Rodriguez. Click here for a larger version of this […]

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Audi R8… She Loves Running Around Topless

Feb 24

The simple elegance of such a beautiful machine is only highlighted when there is nothing going on around it and you are free to just take in the simplicity of it. Yes, cars and girls are great – you know how much we love the raciest of shots; short skirts, barley there shorts, and nipple […]

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Audi R8 Spyder, Take It off Slowly…

Feb 22

So next to the Audi Quattro Concept the R8 Spyder has to be one of our favorite Audi’s. The Audi Exchange recently shared a picture on Facebook of the R8 Spyder dropping it’s top and we have to say they did a really nice job. If you’ve ever wanted to see just how Audi has […]

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Audi in Hollywood

Feb 21

It should be pretty clear by now how much we love pictures. I mean, we definitely love Audi pictures, but we really aren’t picky. We simply enjoy the fact that at any given time the world wide web can provide us with a never ending stream of amazing pictures that people have captured and that […]

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Audi RS4 On Lead

Feb 16

Typically you will find Audi as the leader – not the follower. It is just in their nature to be the head of the pack, except in this instance where there is nothing wrong with being hooked up to a Dyno! This is a bad ass RS4 and we know that without checking out what […]

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Audi R8 GT Spyder – Ready For It’s Close Up!

Feb 16

Get ready!! Because this is one car we are getting here! And as a little bit of a teaser, we wanted everyone to have a close up of this amazing Audi R8 GT Spyder dominating a photo shoot – in it’s honor, of course, in preparation for coming to the US. Everyone knows how much […]

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Audi A6 Avant Standing It’s Ground

Feb 15

To start with this guy needs an I Am Audi Hoodie. But beyond that, all we can say is this A6 Avant is sick!! We hold a special place in our hearts for “stance” and this is a perfect example of that. This A6 Avant is certainly standing it’s ground. We know this look isn’t […]

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Audi + Cat City

Feb 15

We love Audi and while that does mean that we have near impeccable taste – it does not mean that we are always tasteful. We couldn’t help but pass up this incredibly strange, and by default, cool video and randomly weird picture for your viewing pleasure. We can’t be certain what it is really about […]

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Spreading The Love Around

Feb 14

They say two’s company and three’s a crowd… and in some cases that may apply. But, in this case, and on Valentine’s Day, we would like to say that the only thing better than one true love – is three. Spread your love around!!! Happy Valentine’s Day from I Am Audi!

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Audi + Fashion Week

Feb 13

Its officially Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and with a cluster of women all prepping for such an event, there are also a fluster of men prepping for the event – and that means their cars are getting prepped too. Of course, that is not to say it’s only men who will be prepping their cars, but […]

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1. Performance

Every part in the machine counts.

With our vehicles being developed from the ground up around the world famous & award winning Quattro All-wheel drive, it is no wonder we are the leader in performance.

With countless victories and developments in Le Mans, Rally racing, Pikes Peak, and touring car championships, we build the most competitive All-wheel drive cars in the world. If you are looking for that unfair advantage, welcome to Audi, you have found it.

2. Safety

Why die, when you can live?

Brought to you by the company that pioneered safety standards and crash testing almost 100 years ago, with Audi there is no compromise in safety.

Available with technical advancements such as side guard head protection, Side Assist, adaptive headlights, three point safety belts and many other award winning safety systems as well as L.E.D lighting.

3. Design

Everyone wants to look good right?

Bold dynamic lines with moving surfaces, coupe like design and an aggressive stance on the road whether moving or standing still.

Audi has set itself apart from the rest of the industry with driver oriented cockpits and the leader of interior craftsmanship, materials and fit and finish. Keep in mind our extensive use of aluminum, space frame technology and low center of gravity give you that true Audi experience inside and out.

4. Versatility

Sometimes abundance is not enough.

If you want it, Audi has it. And if you have heard of it, it is most likely an option. Audi builds the most versatile cars in the world. Four door sedan or sport back, Coupe or Sport utility vehicle, big or small, front wheel drive or Quattro, gas fuel or diesel - and you still have to pick a color.

We build vehicles that will truly win races and pick up the groceries on the way home. If you let an Audi tell you it's story, it will never disappoint or disconnect you from the experience.

5. Value

Yes, fair value exchange does exist.

Whether you go with a new Audi and get a 4-year 50k mile warranty, or the certified pre-owned Audi with the most comprehensive 300 + point inspection and up to 6 years, 100k miles, you will not only get the best car on the market,
you will gain piece of mind!

And really, you can't put a price on that.