Channing Frye and his Audi A8L

A few weeks ago we wrote an article highlting Channing Frye and his new 2011 Audi A8L titled – Channing Frye – The Rising Sun . Today some close friends of ours Mr. Diggles & Brino headed down to Phoenix to celebrate how well Channing is playing (if you missed the Suns vs: Lakers game, triple overtime – it was amazing!) We asked Channing how he was liking his new Audi and he told us “I love my Audi, I had always been into Mercedes but this is so much nicer from the handling to the way the car feels inside, it is all around the best and most fun car I have ever had”

We then asked Channing if anyone else on the Phoenix Suns drives an Audi? He laughed and said “I’m not really sure but they’ve all asked to drive my new A8 after practice, seriously they all want to try Audi” We figure its time everyone on the team drives an Audi. Well Portland misses you Channing and we are always excited for when you play at the Rose Garden. We love your Audi A8L as we love your wife’s 2011 Audi Q7 – It’s awesome your a 2 Audi family!
Channing Audi
Channing Audi
Channing Audi

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