Cyber Monday Audi A7 + Her

Happy Cyber Monday!!! While we really don’t get behind the idea of lining up for hours to fight for gifts simply to fall into the consumerism view of what “Christmas Spirit” is all about, (see our post from last week regarding the Thanksgiving Turkey fight we witnessed for additional reasons why!) we are all about the World Wide Web and we just thought we could add one more reason to keep you tuned to your computer on this day of deals to be had! So when you need a refreshing break from the percent signs everywhere today check out this beautiful Audi A7, and it’s arguably more stunning counterpart. Though we can’t quite figure why she wouldn’t be driving the shit out of that A7, we think she probably just needed a break. As do we. So, have a great Cyber Monday and a fantastic post-holiday week!
Audi A7 Girl/></a><br />
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Black Friday, Pink Audi A7
Black & White Audi S5