Dear Audi Friday: Why No Matte Paint Options?

Today is I Am Audi’s first installment of ‘Dear Audi Friday.’ The idea is to ask Audi questions and hopefully get an answer back on pressing issues involving Audi products and the industry. I Am Audi has become a bit of an authority on things like Audi Models , colors, options and packaging of our cars and often we get the same or similar questions. Recently people have been writing asking “how do I have my Audi painted in matte, satin or a flat color from the factory?” Audi offers one of the most detailed customization options from the factory called Audi Exclusive – so I decided to contact them and ask about painting a car in a Matte color – this was their response:

“Audi does not paint cars in the matte black from the factory. Cars for auto shows are special situations and are not sold after. Most consumer cars you have seen in this color (on the internet or in person) are foiled. In Germany it’s very popular for customers to have their cars foiled at an aftermarket shop in the matte color. The paint process does not meet our warranty standards at this time.”

To be honest we were very surprised to hear this – after all BMW offers their Frozen Edition; Mercedes offers their Designo Magno cars in flat colors; so why not Audi? Let us know if you would like to see Audi offer more colors including Matte paint options and Audi let us know why we don’t already.


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