Dear Rotiform & Wheel Wh***’s…

No question that I Am Audi is into social media, Facebook, Twitter and of course this site – but we never forgot what got us here and why we love doing this. We have a thing for the Audi Family and the entire Volkswagen Group, but fast cars, nice wheels, hot girls and trying to get that “little” bit lower is what we always come back to.

The culture of the web has shifted dramatically towards Facebook so the idea of a great website with strong content has been lost. Remember the days of searching for what you wanted to find and visiting your favorite sites? The great news is those days are not completely gone. If you’re looking for two awesome sites make sure to visit: Rotiforms who just happen to make the sickest wheels in the industry and also Wheel Wh***’s who are all about the stance and wheel life style we all love. Below is the picture that made us think about all of this – the culture car lives on.
Wheel Whores dot com
Audi Girls
Rotiform dot com

New 2013 Audi Allroad – We welcome you with open arms!
Screen shot 2011-10-02 at 10.52.06 AM
Audi R8 With Color Changing Paint