Every Modern Audi Model – It’s A Dream!!

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe – jump in one, and go, go, go!! We hate to use the reference of the ‘kid in the candy store’ here, but we just can’t think of anything more fitting. We are also pretty sure that we have had a dream at some point that looked similar to this and faintly recall it turning to a nightmare when we couldn’t decide which one of these Audi lovelies to call our own… we need some help here! When faced with a decision such as this – which one would be your first choice?! Of course, we know in a perfect world we would drive a different one every day and keep a constant rotation – but lets just say – top choice?!
All Audi Models
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PPI Razor Audi R8 GTR by Willem de Zeeuw
Dream A Little Dream #WantAnR8