Focus on What You #WantAnR8

We love this picture. There aren’t many Audi pics we don’t like, but we sincerely love this one. And not just because we feel some sort of strange attachment to it, but because it’s what we seem to focus so much of our time on, and because not many people recognize that when you are so passionate about something, so many other things have to fall to the wayside… or become blurry, such as the case may be. We appreciate this picture much like we appreciate all the time and energy so many online enthusiasts put into loving a brand that almost always dismisses that effort and time. We can agree that with so much great information, outstanding pictures and unwavering love there is for Audi, it would be hard to recognize everyone – but are we not in the age of instant recognition?! And isn’t that a great deal of what this brand stands for with it’s vast sea of online presence?! We are ranting slightly today because our view is never skewed and with all the years we have spent recognizing the brand we so wholly devote ourselves to, it doesn’t seem like too much to ask for a small piece of recognition for a job continually well done. Perhaps with Scott Keogh now at the helm of the group that will all change, we certainly hope so. In the meantime, not much will change on our end – we will still continue to slather our love for Audi all over the world wide web, in hopes that one day the underdog will ultimately come out on top or at the very least warrant a call back. Enjoy your day everyone – and keep your eyes on the prize.
As a side note, we would like to congratulate Scott Keogh on his new position as President of Audi of America and look forward to all he will continue to bring to the table in his new role. We believe Audi has an outstanding future with this man behind the wheel.
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Matte_Black_Audi _RS5_Ill_Will_2
Matte Black Audi RS5… Ill Will
Audi S5 :: Lone Star