The Fourtitude + McNish Corner

To start with we love Fourtitude and Allan McNish and encourage everyone to participate in the “Fourtitude + McNish Corner” tomorrow! The Fourtitude team has provided the Audi community with a very valuable look into the Audi brand and we are fortunate to have them share this opportunity with us by having an open discussion with Le Mans sensation Allan McNish on their forums.

From Fourtitude “On Tuesday May 31 from 4-11PM UK time (11AM-6PM USA-EST), Allan McNish will log on to the Fourtitude discussion forums as ‘Allan McNish’ in order to field questions in our Audi Sport forum. Allan will be checking in throughout that time block via Audi Connect as he travels from London to Scotland in the back of a new Audi A8.” If your not a member of the Fourtitude family make sure to register an account today and visit the Fourtitude + McNish Corner to join the conversation!
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