French Bulldogs – Taking Over!

This is not Audi related, but it could be! Last year I sold a car to a great couple who have an orchard in Hood River. They were nice enough to let us bring Guinness and come and pick flats of cherries with them and we met their Boston Terrier, who showed Guinness that cherries were wonderful to eat, even for dogs, and had the added talent of even spitting out the seeds! Guinness, who always likes to leave an impression, ignored their dog and insisted on chasing their poor cat around for what seemed like an eternity I am sure for the cat!
Yesterday I received an emailed from them with a picture of the newest addition to their family, a French Bulldog named Dude. As you can see, he is adorable and reminds me of when Guinness was only a pup and all ears! Dude is very cute and soon enough I am sure he and Guinness will be chasing the cats around the orchard together!
Be sure to check out Guinness’s updates this week as he heads South for a road trip!
French Bulldog

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