Future of Mid-Engine Supercars at the Volkswagen Group

Audi’s sports car concepts have dominated auto show news for most of 2010, and now projections of a mid-engine Audi slotted below the R8 are fueling the gossipsphere like a splash of petrol doused on a hot exhaust. With all the conjecture in the media, we figured we could offer some analysis based on our own inside knowledge. What follows is a comprehensive breakdown of what we know as well as some educated guesses for the future of mid-engine cars at the Volkswagen Group and specifically Audi.
Audi R3
With Porsche now firmly under the Volkswagen Group umbrella, there’s finally a potential business case for a mid- or rear-engine sports car platform to be shared across the group. Top management at VAG wants to see Porsche grow its aims to achieve this in part through shared platforms with other group brands. As far as we know there are at least two main platforms or component sets at play here and they may possibly underpin nearly every sports car the company builds once the next generation 911, Cayman and Boxster run their course. For the full, very well worth reading article
Audi R5
Source: Fourtitude (George you never seize to amaze me with your articles)

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Audi Group B Rally Tribute
I Am Audi – Live Broadcast