George – The Dog Store

Over the last week we took a road trip to California. Despite the weather not being what we had hoped for, I finally got the chance to go to one of my favorite online dog boutiques in person – GEORGE. We went to the Berkeley location and it was a great experience. Guinness had a blast running around with the stores many toys and chasing around the very friendly staff! The store was awesome and filled with great dog stuff that was exactly as shown online. Not often is a store presented with the same sort of feel as it is online, and I will say George is an exception. Guinness was very happy to sniff around while we snooped at the many vintage dog and cat items covering the store.
Guinness Section I Am Audi
Guinness really loves his new George bowl!!!!

Not only was the store great, but the woman working there gave us a great recommendation to a hotel where we ended up staying. She also printed off directions to various dog parks in the area as well as great walks we could take our little guy on.
George Website
George San Francisco, CA
George Map Berkeley
George Berkeley, CA
If you are in the area be sure to check out the Berkeley location or their other George location across the bridge in San Francisco.
George Website
It was a great experience and we will be sure to go back when we are in California again.
Thanks again George!

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