Get School’ed – The University of Audi

Wow. This picture is amazing. Not only is the Audi bad-ass, but the writing on the wall is worth some attention as well. For some reason these few lines makes us want to take stock of the things in our life and make sure that we are actually living our life and not just making it by on a daily basis. It’s true that you only have one go at these very few years and it takes probably nearly the first 25 years of life to realize that. When you do, it is almost scary how fast the rest of it goes by if you aren’t present. Today, #BraveryWins, and for us that means taking a hard look at some of the things we can change, however tough that might be. Sometimes getting out of your comfort zone is the only way to realize your eyes have been closed for far too long. Enjoy your day and make every minute count!
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Audi Kickin’ It.
Audi Twosome