Great Service! – Your Business Depends on it.

From the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep I am surrounded by service. The first thing in the morning I check and my email and there are advertisements everywhere online, it has began. My wife and I choose to go to Peets Coffee just off 23rd and our favorite dinner spot is La Buca in SE Portland and for a great drink we go to Vault Martini If you asked me what our favorite items on the menu were I could give you an idea but no specifics, however I could give you name names of those who give us the stupendous service (Thank you Rebekah, Liz, and Liz). The service that we receive and the smiling faces are the compelling reason we return time after time. I know that in the Automotive industry it is hard to find a comfortable atmosphere but I also know that Sunset Imports , the local Audi dealer in Beaverton Oregon makes your experience very easy. I want to say thank you to everyone who makes our choice to go to there establishment fun, relaxing and ultimately enjoyable because it really makes my wife and I appreciate the hard work you do(of course Bryan & Andrea from Audi Sportscar Experience are great Audi Brand representatives). Remember if you aren’t providing excellent service your business or the business you work ultimately suffers because your clients are not compelled to return. Make sure to treat the people you meet every day the way you would want to be treated if you had come in for something, the service you give really is more important than the product you are provide.
Audi Customer Service Survey
Audi Customer Service Survey

Ryuichi Sakamoto // Audi Environment Tour
Jim Russell Future Driver Search // Allan McNish