Hands Off The Driving Experience!

Though we do understand that this latest information coming from Audi AG on the future of Audi being self-driven cars is pretty much where we are headed in close to all aspects of our auto-pilot modern days lives, with our technology advancements seemingly never ending; but the concept of a self driving car does not please us. To the best of our knowledge one of the things we love most about Audi loyalists is that they welcome and love the driving experience! So we do appreciate that this ‘love of driving’ was addressed by Audi AG Chairman, Rupert Stadler in his presentation at the Digital Life Design Conference in Munich, but we can’t help but feel a little sad that even the experience of driving will likely one day be a thing of the past. We are all for technology – but we are also all for driving, for ourselves. Any thoughts?? You can read more about it here. Have a great day!
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