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Tuesday, February 20th 2018

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How to Pair Bluetooth Phone With Audi 3G MMI

Nov 8

Alright, the question of how to pair the new iPhone 4, Android, or any other Bluetooth capable smart-phone has been coming up lately. Not surprising since the process on how you would pair Bluetooth on Audi’s with 2G MMI or Nav Plus is different then the new Audi 3G MMI – (if you have not seen the article on pairing with 2G MMI, here it is Pairing Bluetooth with 2G MMI ).

So here we go; first, the pairing process has to be done within 5 minutes of turning the ignition on, and of course, for safety reasons do it while the vehicle is stationary and in park. Put the key in the ignition – the car does not have to be running but the ignition has to be on. Second, press the “TEL” telephone button on the MMI. It is the lowest right function key. Third, you will need to get your smart phone ready for pairing. Go into the setup or settings function on your phone and select “Bluetooth.” Make sure it is on and in discoverable mode. Now your Audi will “search for new devices” and will find your phone. When your Audi has discovered your phone it will ask you to “accept” – make sure to accept by pressing the center dial on the MMI. You will then be asked to accept hands free and a pin – do so and make sure to remember the pin. Take the pin number that the Audi gave you and put it into your phone under Audi MMI xxxx (all pin numbers are different, as well as MMI numbers, so don’t worry that yours is not the same). You have a limited time to enter the pin so make sure to do it in a timely fashion or the pairing process will not take. That’s all there is to it – you have just successfully paired your phone to your Audi, great job! Now some notes if it does not pair – make sure your phone is on the list of compatible phones as well, try not to be parked around other cars with Bluetooth. Also if anyone else is in the car, have them turn their phones off.

The last picture is picture of memory available through the 3G MMI – there is a lot. Also, all functionality of the Bluetooth is displayed between the tachometer and speedometer as well as the MMI screen. If you have thousands of contacts in your phone it may take a minute or two to complete the upload. If you have any questions let me know and I will do my best to help you out. One final note: I would like to mention I did this entire post, including pictures on my iPhone – Thank you Apple for creating such an amazing product!

Audi Bluetooth Pairing
Audi Bluetooth Pairing
Audi Bluetooth Pairing
Audi Bluetooth Pairing
Audi Bluetooth Pairing
Audi Bluetooth Pairing
Audi Bluetooth Pairing
Audi Bluetooth Pairing
Audi Bluetooth Pairing
Audi Bluetooth Pairing
Audi Bluetooth Pairing
Audi Bluetooth Pairing
Audi Bluetooth Pairing
Audi Bluetooth Pairing
Audi Bluetooth Pairing
Audi Bluetooth Pairing
Audi Bluetooth Pairing

when i get to the point of having entered the pin given to me from mmi into my samsung fascinate the memory screen comes up. Then I wait? don’t enter any numbers? If so, the phone goes from connected to paired but not connected. What do you think i am doing wrong? thanks

From Paul on January 7th, 2011

I’m having the exact same issue in my 2011 A5 with 3G MMI. Also using the Verizon Samsung Fascinate v.DI01. It looks like a phone issue. Verizon is releasing an update over the air today that may help. I’m going to try the update and see if it makes any difference:

Go to settings->about phone->system updates->check new

Good luck!

From Preston Parrett on January 11th, 2011

Direct link to their support page for phone updating:

From Preston on January 11th, 2011

I did the most recent update and still cannot connect. Anyone else have this same issue?

From Preston on January 26th, 2011

My Iphone 3GS was working fine with 2010 S5 3GMMI but I have lost the ability to sync my contacts and nothing I seem to do puts them back in (it worked fine for 2 months). I have cleared the connection numerous times (on phone and car) and it will connect via bluetooth but no numbers/names in Directory.

Any help greatly appreciated

From Ed Pallant on February 13th, 2011

Last week my iPhone (Verizon) paired seamlessly with my 2011 A8.
Contacts and all were right there and the hands free phone worked great.
Today it says it cant find the device and I have no signal bars on the Bluetooth on the MMi screen? What is up?

From Sam on March 24th, 2011

Hi I had the same problem- did you manage to resolve this?

From Toplegaleagle on October 5th, 2011

for some reason after it was working fine for a year I cant pair the missed calls and received calls , only the directory- any idea what can be the problem?

From Betken11 on October 9th, 2011

I have a 11 Q5- i picked it up in Germany. When I did, they loaded my phone book. NOw back in US, bluetooth works fine but phone book is not loaded– so I cannot use voice command. No instructions in manual to do that. Trying to pair with a Verizon Droid phone. Dealer has no idea.
 Any help would be appreciated.

From Tanyagio on November 26th, 2011

Your link for the list of compatible phones does not work…. So my mother uses the Casio G’Zone Ravine flip phone but is this not a compatible phone? I ask because the bluetooth is able to pair BUT her contacts do not import properly. All that imports is the number, no names associated with them…?
-She owns the 2012 A4 S Line

From Tanner Mitchell Bice on February 2nd, 2013

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