I Am Audi 5000

This morning I was asking myself where the term “I Am Audi” came from? Now this term has nothing to do with this site I was just curious. I had a pretty good idea that the term was in some way related to the unfortunate press behind the Audi 5000 in the mid 80’s. Take a look at Urban Dictionary where I got this excerpt: “An adjective describing one or more people who intend on leaving a particular place. Audi’s model 5000 sedan was plagued with a problem characterized by unintended acceleration, in which drivers’ complained that the vehicle lurched forward when their foot was on the brake pedal. In reality, it turned out that the accelerator and brake pedals were unusually close together. This is why Audi 5000 is associated with leaving quickly, because that is what this vehicle did when someone hit the gas instead of the brakes. – “I’m Audi 5000”. or “I’m Audi”.”
I Am Audi 5000

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