I Am Audi V2

I Am Audi 2
I am amazed that two years has passed since the initial launching of I Am Audi. The idea was simple really, a resource for enthusiasts of the Audi brand to come together, and those who would not quite classify themselves as enthusiasts, become passionate about all things Audi. Now with the launching of our second version – I Am Audi has grown beyond my wildest dreams.

The Latin translation of the word Audi means to listen. I Am Audi translated means, I Am Listening, and that has basically been the whole premise behind this site. Over my many years working in the automotive industry I have realized the importance of building and maintaining relationships with people and that a fundamental part of those relationship is communication. The automotive world really isn’t big on communication and with this site it was my vision to start bridging that gap. The initial focus was a place where people could engage in conversation with a real person without the pressures of outside influences. The site was a way for me to share the things I saw everyday going on with Audi and get feedback from people around the country and around the world.

Now with our second version, there are many new functions on the site. From Audi technical to Audi regional and even classifieds, we now have a fully intergraded forums section where you can start your own conversation and ask questions. I don’t ever want anyone to be afraid to interact; I Am Audi is place where you can have communication without intimidation.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those involved with the I Am Audi Project. First, Brian and Caleb; you two love what you do with film and video as much as I love Audi and I am excited to put some more video together for IAA V2. Joeri, we have never met, but the moment we saw your design for the I Am Audi logo we knew this was going to be big. Your design work is beautiful. Last, but not least, my wife Kansas and Benjamin Diggles, who Kansas refers to as “My second wife.” Kansas has supported me from day one with everything I do and this site has been no exception; thank you Kansas. Benjamin, you built my vision from the ground up, hundreds of hours and never a doubt that this all some how made sense. You once told me “I don’t believe in cars, I believe in you Scott!” now I finally get what you meant. A world of thanks to you and your constant dedication to this site, this would not be possible without you. At the end of the day, no matter how much time I put into I Am Audi, it is safe to say, “My ambitions far outweighed my talent.” This site is a testament to the fact that with the right support no dream is too big.

Thank you.

I Am Audi 2

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