I Am Audi // Webvisionary Awards Finalist

The last few months have been big months with doors closing and a ton of opportunities being presented to me. I am proud to say that I Am Audi has been chosen as a Webvisionary Finalist , this is an honor and a very special time for the site. Mr. Diggles took my vision of a place to join and enjoy the thing we love without pressure or conflict and he built it. Benjamin and I would talk for hours I would say things like “People love cars, so how come they don’t enjoy buying them?” It really bothered me that people hated the process so much. I Am Audi is very young in comparison to the car industry, but times are changing and people want that change. People want to engage with the person they are working with, ask questions, gather information and learn about the Brand – I Am Audi is a place you can do all of that. To be honest my vision was more than just a website, it was a community based around common values and Benjamin Diggles you have done an amazing job in making this “project” all come together. Thank you!
Webvisionary Award Winner
Webvisionary Award Winner

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