iJustine + Audi

We follow iJustine on our I Am Audi on Instagram photo stream and today she posted a fantastic picture!! iJustine is an online phenomenon that has made quite a name for herself in the social industry. People love her and we love Audi so this is a great match for us! We also love that internet and the whole concept of social creates real stars in this field. With everything you can do with social and the many various ways you can post everything you do in the world online for the whole world to see, and then make a living at it – this is a huge win in our eyes. We are glad to know there are people out there that know how to work it! Keep it up iJustine and keep loving Audi!! We hope to see more of this happy union!! Make sure to check out iJustine on Twitter.
iJustine Audi

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