Audi S4 // Forza Motorsport 4

Deep down inside all men are boys at heart, we want to play video games, eat pizza and just hang out with our friends. Yesterday I got a text from Jeff Blackwood who had spent the entire day playing the new Forza Motorsport 4 and wanted to share some pictures of the cars he was racing on the game, his favorite is this Audi S4! Jeff says: “Forza motorsports 4 is a fantastic game that is Ultra realistic, you can race a variety of cars from an Audi S4, Peugeot 908 to a ford pickup – it really has something for everybody. My wife hates how much time I spend playing it.” Well done Jeff keep your inner child smiling! If you have pictures of your cars on Forza please send them our way, we would love to see them.
Audi S4 Forza Motorsport 4

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