Jessica Alba Know’s it’s a Diesel TDI Audi Q7!

Autoevolution recently published an article that said “we’re pretty sure that Jessica Alba has chosen the Audi Q7 just because it’s big.” Also stated in the Autoevolution article “we’re sure that she has no idea that what she’s driving is actually a TDI.”

Now we here at I Am Audi are confident that Jessica knows she is driving an Diesel TDI and that she made the choice to get an Audi because it is the best choice, not because “It’s big” In closing the article autoevolution did praise Jessica Alba for being “one of the few American celebrities that drive an Audi…” but followed it up by saying “most of them picked more environmentally-friendly rides like Lexus hybrids” We just can’t seem to find anything about this article that we like. Great Choice in vehicle Jessica you made the right decision, you will love your new TDI Audi Q7! Feel free to read the entire Autoevolution article “Here” and let us know what you think.
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