Johan de Nysschen on Audi Social Media

Johan de Nysschen is just finishing up with his Q & A on the Fourtitude forums and we have to say we’re extremely impressed with Johan’s composure and attention to detail in answering nearly every question. Many people know that the I Am Audi project was born from the desire to connect people with Audi by using Social media and the hub for that connection is I Am Audi .com; so we had some questions of our own. Thank you again Johan, we would love to sit with you and get a little more in depth about Audi and its Social media strategy – our door is always open!

1) “How is Audi scaling its online social strategy with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare ect, how is the Audi Social Media team reacting to our ever-growing social presence?”

2) “Knowing Audi is an aspirational Brand and many of our nearly 4,000,000 Facebook and 56,000 Twitter followers do not own the product; how is Audi rewarding these faithful “social” advocates for supporting the Brand?”

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Johan de Nysschen
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Countdown: Johan de Nysschen + Fourtitude!
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