Klout + Audi = Klaudi

Yup Lil Wayne has Klout but for that matter so does Justin bieber, in fact Lil Bieber has more Klout then Weezy! We wanted to talk about focus not just the size of audience, we decided to create Audi Klout or Kloudi ! Kloudi is the social Klout you have around one particular topic, your core competency or focus. When we use I Am Audi Klout as a case study it is obvious our Klaudi is all around Audi and social media two things we love. Are you an Audi fan? How do you stack up against the top influencing Audi Web presences on the web: visit Audi Klout List and find out what your Klaudi is!

Official: Audi R8 GT Registry // 1-333
Where would you go, what would you tow?