Audi A1 From Geneva! // Electric Audi

Sadly, it doesn’t appear as though the Audi A1 will be making an appearance in the US after all. But in Geneva, Audi has unveiled another version of its newest hatch back concept in electric form. The Audi A1 e-tron has made its debut with a proposed mileage projection of over 31 miles of battery time, with an additional 124 miles of fuel mileage. While this is good news to Europeans everywhere, with the possibility of production in 2012, it is just one more car the US will never see!
Check out the article below highlighting a few more details:

Audi A1 e-tron

Opinions differ on whether Audi’s A1 at the Geneva Motor Show is just a cynically manipulated VW Polo designed to pander to base badge snobbery or whether it is a genuine attempt to seriously compete with BMW’s MINI.
Either way, this A1-based electric-drive concept aimed at urban travel is undeniably clever.
Its tiny Wankel engine under the boot floor is used as a range extender running at a constant speed, which solves the inherent problems with a rotary engine of tip sealing, excessive thirst and emissions.
In battery electric driving, the front-drive A1 e-tron has a range of 31 miles. The petrol engine extends that by another 124 miles.

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